My person.


To my person. The one who is always right there, even from 2625.84 km away.

You truly are one of the most beautiful, inspirational, witty, fabulous and genuine people I know. You have grown as a person in this past few years in ways that make me proud to stand along side you, and grateful to have you there as a sounding board. You are the one I can go to for a totally honest, unbiased opinion on anything – “Yes, your ass is the size of Texas in that, try this though, you will look gorgeous.” “Yes, you’re being a psychotic bitch, but it’s totally justified/take some deep breaths and calm the fuck down.”

We have code words from a decade ago that we can whip out and drop into the conversation and are still relevant today. Ping. We can have hysterical, can’t breath giggle attacks about the penis-vagina-fart-bottom-shart-body talk, just like 13 years old versions of ourselves. We can discuss the meaning of life from the greatest depths of our psyche. We can cry about failed attempts. We can get angry on behalf. We can tell each other our honest opinion, and then support each other even if we don’t agree with the outcome.

Through seventeen years of thick and thin, highs and lows, tears and laughter, you and I collide. This is real. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you


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I am a daughter, mother, friend, reader, blogger, and photographer, who loves sharing good wine, talk and food. Cultures, both my own and others, are of huge interest to me. People, words, history, art, traditions and food, I want to absorb it all. View all posts by Yaahooserious

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