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Meet Elsa.


The serendipity cat. Marlee’s surprise. With a purr like a motor boat, she is smaller than one of Marlee’s canvas shoes. I think it is love.

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Happy Mothers Day to you.


Happy Mothers Day to you. I love and admire you quite, both as a mother and a woman. It is wonderful to see you embracing so many wondrous things. Things like learning, and growing, and experiencing, and changing, and loving. It is inspirational to see you admit to making mistakes, and sometimes “getting it wrong”. I feel privileged to be a part of your journey, as your firstborn, the mother of your first grandchild and now, as your friend.

Happy Mothers Day to you. I have absorbed you in so many ways. Ways I am still discovering. Ways like how to feel love and empathy. How to swear like a sailer. How to yell and shout and scream, and how to get my point across quietly and concisely, with genuine feeling. How to accept that crying IS okay. How to feel proud at the shiny sink and clean floors and also, how to accept that the washing will wait until the end of this chapter. How to love Denver and Diamond. How to devour books. How to forgive and how to love my family.

Happy Mothers Day to you. Some of these teachings will make you proud, and some will make you cringe. All of these make me, me. For that I am grateful. Because in being me, I am hoping to assimilate the best of you.

Happy Mothers Day to you.


How can I.


I want to write. I want to take beautiful, moving, and meaningful photographs. I want to see things and meet people and eat food that is totally different from my own norm. I want to die leaving a legacy of wonderful stories that may, or may not, inspire my children, grandchildren and my great grandchildren. I want to inspire myself. I want no regrets. I want to turn the ‘I want’ into a series of ‘How can I?’, ‘I will.’ and finally, ‘I have.’

Dad, I know I am quoting you and I know I probably drive you spare with the lack of ‘How can I?’ in my vocabulary. I know that I am often found lacking in the motivation department, while I am overflowing with  ‘want’. Maybe I am more like some people than I thought. Maybe change scares me more than I like to admit. Maybe the thought of failure is holding me back in a way that I would scoff at ,were it a sibling or anyone else but me. Maybe my victim-of-circumstance glasses need to come off and maybe I just need to get on with it.

‘It’ being life. Travel. People. Words. Pictures. Time isn’t stagnant but my waiting is. In my head it will all just happen before I am too old to enjoy it. Things will just slot into place without me having to go out and make them fit. Opportunities will fall into my lap while I sit here and grow old, and stale, and bitter. Twenty-five and ancient. No, it is meant to be twenty-five and learned. Or at least twenty-five and LEARNING.

How can I? Not a question but a statement of intent. So here’s to you Dad. Here’s to my future generations who may, or may not, be inspired. Here’s to me.

How can I.