Monthly Archives: September 2011

please insert credit card here…

Marlee has discovered ponies. I guess this was inevitable due to her being my daughter, but I now know why Mum and Dad cringed when I first expressed an interest in those four legged money eaters. $$$$$$$$! Thank God she can tag along with her aunties to see their equine friends, I figure this gives me at least three years before I am asked for one of her own.

Marlee is a big girl and did not want to be lead. Lydia gives them a push in the right direction.


These ponies are lovely – you would never guess that they are first generation feral horses. Although born in captivity they were conceived in the wild and these photos really do the breed credit. Rangi (Pictured) had no qualms about little Marlee and treated her with total respect both when under his feet and on his back. Marlee had a ball and whilst common sense tells me to try squish this budding interest if I ever hope to be able to afford to own my own home, the joy she expresses when around these special ponies suggests I may be renting houses for a while yet…

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