My hypothetical Gib slap.

Marlee - with her new dolly and pushchair. Christmas 2010

I am annoyed with myself. Granted it is the first day “off” I have had in two weeks. So what? Marlee is hardly a 24/7 job and there has been nothing stopping me doing the stuff I have planned to do. I am hoping that by writing it in here I will bully myself into pulling finger and DOING some of these things.

Said tasks include:

  • KWHWT photos, blog, website help. – Sorry Dad, photos will be uploaded to Dropbox as soon as this post is published (be ready for a HELP email re Dropbox usage).
  • Recipies/photos for my blog. I have spent so damn long complaining about assignments for Uni and looking forward to being able to do stuff in my own time – Well Beth, this is your own time and you ain’t doing nothing. Ugh!
  • Haven pictures. I stayed, took photos, cooked and hung out with family. Then I got home and after uploading the photos I promptly forgot about them.
  • Washing. It has been sitting on the couch waiting to be folded for the past two days. Yes this was okay when I was busy doing stuff with Marlee but I am not busy today. OCD come back!
  • Running. That summer bikini booty ain’t gonna rock up by itself!

Haven - writing this post has been beneficial already - I can tick going through Haven pictures off my list!


I must be angry at myself because I used a family reference (Gib slap) which I swore never to repeat – due to HATING the show it originated from (NCIS) with a passion. Now I have to finish this and get on with all the stuff mentioned above. Procrastination comes in many forms and I am an expert in most of them. I occasionally remember to remind myself that I am the only one who can inspire/motivate myself. This is great until I forget and begin to drag my heals again.

Sort your shit out Beth.




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