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My hypothetical Gib slap.

Marlee - with her new dolly and pushchair. Christmas 2010

I am annoyed with myself. Granted it is the first day “off” I have had in two weeks. So what? Marlee is hardly a 24/7 job and there has been nothing stopping me doing the stuff I have planned to do. I am hoping that by writing it in here I will bully myself into pulling finger and DOING some of these things.

Said tasks include:

  • KWHWT photos, blog, website help. – Sorry Dad, photos will be uploaded to Dropbox as soon as this post is published (be ready for a HELP email re Dropbox usage).
  • Recipies/photos for my blog. I have spent so damn long complaining about assignments for Uni and looking forward to being able to do stuff in my own time – Well Beth, this is your own time and you ain’t doing nothing. Ugh!
  • Haven pictures. I stayed, took photos, cooked and hung out with family. Then I got home and after uploading the photos I promptly forgot about them.
  • Washing. It has been sitting on the couch waiting to be folded for the past two days. Yes this was okay when I was busy doing stuff with Marlee but I am not busy today. OCD come back!
  • Running. That summer bikini booty ain’t gonna rock up by itself!

Haven - writing this post has been beneficial already - I can tick going through Haven pictures off my list!


I must be angry at myself because I used a family reference (Gib slap) which I swore never to repeat – due to HATING the show it originated from (NCIS) with a passion. Now I have to finish this and get on with all the stuff mentioned above. Procrastination comes in many forms and I am an expert in most of them. I occasionally remember to remind myself that I am the only one who can inspire/motivate myself. This is great until I forget and begin to drag my heals again.

Sort your shit out Beth.




A grouch about winter.


Go away rain! I had plans for today! This included getting up to a nice warm sunny day and not shivering as soon as I turned of the shower. Oh no, wait, I am thinking of summer, still many months of this weather left. Ugh.

It’s not all bad though, instead of going to the pools today as we had planned (see above grinch about this horrendous weather), Marlee and I made pancakes for breakfast, watched half of Wizard of Oz (Yay – novelty is wearing off I think) and baked cupcakes. We have just finished icing them and I wish I had gotten a photo of Marlee with chocolate icing up her nose and in her eyebrows. Talent baby!

Marlee had a play outside with Mac, the friendly neighborhood cat while the cupcakes were cooking and I did manage to get a photo of her chasing him around the section. Yes it is a cold wet day and yes she has no long pants on. So sue me. Like Frances used to say – ‘you are not made of sugar’… Never did I think I would be quoting THAT. I used to spit tacks when it was said to me, usually to remind me the rubbish still needed putting out even though it was raining.

It is rest time now. Marlee loves our electric blanket, she quite happily went to read a book in our nice warm bed and she has since fallen asleep cuddled up with dolly. Bless.