Weeeeee’re off to see the wizard!

“The wonderful Wizard of Oz!”

The songs from Wizard of Oz are echoing around my head like you wouldn’t believe. I like them, but I have taken to wishing my mind had a volume control at 2am. The definite upside to watching the movie twice a day is that Marlee can now sing most of the songs too, her and Alex serenaded me with “follow the yellow brick road” in the car last night. Marlee had a ball. I had sore ears from Alex’s enthusiastic high notes.

Today Marlee and I are making Roasted Pumpkin soup. We have peeled, chopped and roasted the pumpkin and kumera and now everything is in the slow cooker. The plan is to come home this afternoon to wonderful smells and delicious soup ready to serve when Alex gets home. Fingers crossed!



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I am a daughter, mother, friend, reader, blogger, and photographer, who loves sharing good wine, talk and food. Cultures, both my own and others, are of huge interest to me. People, words, history, art, traditions and food, I want to absorb it all. View all posts by Yaahooserious

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