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Slut walk was started with the comment (made by a police officer in Toronto) that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. The comment was made at a university safety forum in January 2011 and has triggered worldwide marches, called ‘Slutwalks’, in objection. These planned protests are made up of mainly young women, some dressed casually, while others don corsets, fishnets and other ‘provocative’ wear. A few carry placards with comments like ‘This is not my “I want you” face’ and ‘STOP slut shaming’. All are declaring their right to dress how they choose, without being used as scapegoats for illegal and violent attacks.

It is an interesting idea and I can see where the organizers are coming from, especially the use of shock factor to get the point across.  It has obviously worked, as the marches have sparked comments and debates all over the Internet. The Auckland march made the news last night, and although I am sure it would have been covered had the ‘slut’ factor not been a part of it, I do not think it would have received the same publicity. After all, sex sells. Some say it is sad that when opposing sexual violence towards women, we resort to sex and sexual references to get our message across.

” Using sexuality to satirise a crime that, above all else, needs to be seen as a crime of violence, has backfired on the message. ” – Tracey Barnett

In saying this, maybe this is the best form of protest. In apposing being victimised sexually, maybe the best way to proclaim our sexual freedom and our rights as women is to do so in such a way that cannot be ignored. Words like ‘slut’ generate many different connotations, none of which are good and almost all of which are used from a male’s perspective. What better way to appose violence from men towards women, than to take charge of such a derogative word and give it a positive slant for women and their rights? Even though I never wish to be called a slut, no matter what the context, I can admire the people who have done this.
Rape is rape, no matter if the victim is a nun or a prostitute. When rapists can start blaming their victims actions for the assault then we should begin to worry. Women should be able to wear what they want and not have to worry about some leery guy presuming that they are ‘asking for it’. Do we say it is okay to sodomize cross-dressers loitering on K rd? Does the way they are dressed and how they have chosen to live their lives mean that they are gagging for it? We were sickened when hearing about the two-year-old child who was kicked to death after wetting the couch in his sleep, even though his carer was angered by the fact he should know better. What about the Australian woman who claimed to have been drugged and raped by co-workers in Dubai and was then charged with adultery after it was discovered that her rapists were married? She is now seeking leave to sue the Commonwealth because she was not warned that crying ‘rape’ in Dubai could lead to jail time. We all shake our heads in disgust, yet with attitudes that lead to ‘slutwalks’ how are we any better?

We all know the difference between right and wrong, attacker and victim. Rape should be no different. Violence is violence. Where do we draw the line?


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Roast pumpkin and sweet potato soup.

For Mum.

1 large pumpkin or butternut.

2 large kumera.

1/2 head of garlic.

1 large onion.

Olive oil.

500 mLs chicken stock (or vege if we are gonna be nice to Hannah).

500 mLs water.

1 tsp cumin.

1 tsp coriander.

Mixed herbs.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Chop kumera and pumpkin into small chunks (the smaller the veges are chopped, the quicker they will roast). Place in roasting dish with whole un-peeled garlic cloves. Drizzle with olive oil, give a hefty sprinkle of mixed herbs and roast (be sure to turn veges regularly to avoid them getting crispy). Take garlic out when cooked to avoid burning it. Peel and mash it (I just used my knuckles on a chopping board then diced it). Remove veges from oven when softened enough to mash.

While veges are roasting fry onion with olive oil until soft.

When above is done, throw it all into crock-pot with stock and spices – mash with a potato masher. Add water as needed.

Leave in crock-pot for a few hours, stirring occasionally.

Serve with warmed rolls, sour cream and lots of cracked pepper.

Marlee loved helping me make this. There wasn’t much she could help with until the veges had finished roasting but she enjoyed mashing and doing taste tests. We had left over roast veges and chicken for lunch (I made extra veges for that reason) and Marlee had three helpings whilst watching… you guessed it, the Wizard of Oz. She also enjoyed the rolls with dinner, so much that she filled up on bread and didn’t eat much soup (and the A+ Mum award goes to…) but after such a big lunch it was not too big of a deal.

Soup will definitely be made again. I am planning to freeze the leftovers (mainly because Alex forgot to take them to work for lunch) and see how well it reheats. Awesome winter lunch or dinner.

I have not added any soup photos to this post as it does look a little like baby poo… BUT it does taste good!

Hope you like it Mum!

Weeeeee’re off to see the wizard!

“The wonderful Wizard of Oz!”

The songs from Wizard of Oz are echoing around my head like you wouldn’t believe. I like them, but I have taken to wishing my mind had a volume control at 2am. The definite upside to watching the movie twice a day is that Marlee can now sing most of the songs too, her and Alex serenaded me with “follow the yellow brick road” in the car last night. Marlee had a ball. I had sore ears from Alex’s enthusiastic high notes.

Today Marlee and I are making Roasted Pumpkin soup. We have peeled, chopped and roasted the pumpkin and kumera and now everything is in the slow cooker. The plan is to come home this afternoon to wonderful smells and delicious soup ready to serve when Alex gets home. Fingers crossed!


Sleeping over!

Marlee’s Aunty Lydia is here for the weekend for shopping, make overs, movies, giggles and chocolate.

A very excited Marlee and I met her at the train on Friday, we collected Pad Thai and spring rolls on the way home and then picked out our loves and hates in the first episode of NZ’s Next Top Model.

Saturday was shopping day, after giving the house a ‘spring’ clean and Marlee’s nap we headed to the mall for the afternoon. Marlee got the Wizard of Oz on DVD (she actually squealed when we bought it cos she was so excited), a very cute hat, a Happy Meal and Dunnkin Doughnuts/hot chocolate to finish off the spree. We then waited 50 minutes for the bus home, which slightly killed the shopping high. Once home the girls had a mini fashion show while I made dinner. While waiting for dinner to cook we gave Lydia a make over (see crazy photo above). After watching Igor on TV it was bedtime for all.

The Wizard of Oz DVD was first up this morning, and I am about to make QE drop scones (Similar to pikelets – thanks Dad for recipe) for breakfast. Lazy day today then off to Papakura for dinner and to hand the ladies over to Mum and Dad/Grandma and Grandad.

Thanks Lydia and Marlee for a lovely weekend. Let’s do it again soon ladies!

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Long Weekend!

Gotta love having an extra day off – long weekends are the perfect cure for Monday-itis!

I am submitting to a photo into the Auckland Festival of Photography through uni. Left entirely until the last minute of course. My silver frame from home is being spray painted matt black in about half an hour (Thanks Alex) and I will print on Tuesday. Above is the picture I am going to use. Please note, Marlee locked herself in the cage and was let out as soon as I had taken this picture. No two year-olds were harmed!

I am also tossing up whether to enter in the Franklin Arts Festival as well. Could be fun.

Auckland Festival of Photography Website

Franklin Arts Festival Website


Three weeks. *GASP*

It is crazy how quickly this past year has gone. I am down to three weeks of uni, then I am out in the big wide world again. Freakishy cool and scary! I am back to square one as far as career choices go, not so cool and extra scary. Although, at least I have ticked photography off my ‘to learn and improve at‘ list.

To help me decide (or at least think about deciding) what my options are, I am gonna write down what I enjoy. Whether I am any good at it is irrelevant at this point.

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Design
  • Cooking
  • Socializing
  • Writing
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Reading
  • Blogging (When I pull finger!)
  • Learning
  • Laughing
  • Movies


Above photo is from our trip to BigUps. It was bouncy castles and sumo suits for adults. VERY cool! Thanks Alex!

Also – I am now on Tumblr! Click here link to view and follow. Please note I have only just signed up with Tumblr and I am still finding my way about the site. I will try upload as often as I can.