Today I am grateful for

  1. Movies, when the weather is horrible Marlee and I can spend the day watching classics like Wizard of Oz, The Oristocats and Mary Poppins. Add popcorn and Milo and we are sussed.
  2. Giggles.
  3. Thai food. Marlee and I had dinner at our local Thai restaurant tonight. Spring rolls, money bags and pad thai, washed down with lemonade. YUM.
  4. Cuddles.
  5. Marlee.
  6. Coffee.
  7. Friendly daycare ladies who answered my inquiry like they actually wanted to be trusted with my daughter.
  8. Alex, see #4.




About Yaahooserious

I am a daughter, mother, friend, reader, blogger, and photographer, who loves sharing good wine, talk and food. Cultures, both my own and others, are of huge interest to me. People, words, history, art, traditions and food, I want to absorb it all. View all posts by Yaahooserious

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