Monthly Archives: April 2011

Shiny Sink Standards

I am turning into my mother.

I noticed this morning that I am practicing her standards of house cleaning… well dishes cleaning anyway.

My floor could use a vacuum and the toilet may be due a scrub, but my sink is always shiny. It drives Alex up the bend, his way of doing things is – dinner done, let’s relax. My way is dinner done, let’s do the damn dishes!

Funny what sticks from kid-hood huh?

Turning into my mum is not a bad thing by any means, thanks K. W. Judson.



‘I do it.’

Marlee’s favorite phrase at the moment – ‘I do it’. She wants to do everything for herself – folding the washing, making breakfast, eating fejoas. She even sobbed her way through putting her own plasters on her grazed foot (see above photograph) all by herself, because she is a ‘big girl”.

‘Mummy do it’ is the other phrase she is practicing whenever she doesn’t want to do something. Nappy in bin – ‘Mumm do it.’ Dropped toys – ‘Mummy do it.’ Cup in the sink after morning Milo – ‘Mummy do it.’