Light = highlights, shadows, midtones, and madness…


Dreams of lights, types, meters, equipment, ratios, and camera settings float around my head at night, laughing at my useless attempts to be rid of them and dream of pretty and relaxing things.


I have just finished my first studio assignment.Yay! I spent three hours this morning editing and printing and then two hours this afternoon cutting and pasting into my visual diary. Done! This means that I can relax and enjoy my time with Marlee tomorrow without feeling guilty about untyped documents and unsnapped pictures. Bliss.





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I am a daughter, mother, friend, reader, blogger, and photographer, who loves sharing good wine, talk and food. Cultures, both my own and others, are of huge interest to me. People, words, history, art, traditions and food, I want to absorb it all. View all posts by Yaahooserious

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