Sunburn, horses, photos and fresh air.

Yesterday was the KWHWT’s Annual show. I went along for the day and took over 800 photos. I have spent the afternoon trawling through the pictures, culling and editing so I can show them to those who competed. Stupid, stupid me for not editing in camera.

Lydia and Marlee looked gorgeous as “Gardeners and their Garden” in the Fancy Dress class. Rangi (Lydia’s Kaimanawa pony) was very patient with us, letting us wrap him in a sheet and hold Marlee on his back. Marlee was super, mega, ultra excited about getting to ride in her first show. They came 3rd and Marlee got a KWHWT t-shirt – which she wore with pride for the rest of the day.

I have a white singlet burnt into my back. Stupid, stupid me for drowning Marlee in sunscreen and forgetting to put any on myself. Lets hope by sunburn continues to turn brown and does not peel.

I had a lovely weekend staying at Haven with the whole family. Roast dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Lydia’s 14th birthday this coming Tuesday. Gluttony, laughs, spills and fejoa wine – definitely a Judson meal.

Roasted chicken breast stuffed with Camembert and sun-dried tomatoes and risotto is for dinner, I swear I am a culinary god… Unless I am cooking stirfry, then I am a culinary nightmare.For everything else I am just a plain, old fashioned awesome chef – Thanks Dad!

I continue with my studio work tomorrow. Liz and I will be photographing Dad. We have four hours of studio time and 16 shots to get between us. Best go well!


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