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Sunburn, horses, photos and fresh air.

Yesterday was the KWHWT’s Annual show. I went along for the day and took over 800 photos. I have spent the afternoon trawling through the pictures, culling and editing so I can show them to those who competed. Stupid, stupid me for not editing in camera.

Lydia and Marlee looked gorgeous as “Gardeners and their Garden” in the Fancy Dress class. Rangi (Lydia’s Kaimanawa pony) was very patient with us, letting us wrap him in a sheet and hold Marlee on his back. Marlee was super, mega, ultra excited about getting to ride in her first show. They came 3rd and Marlee got a KWHWT t-shirt – which she wore with pride for the rest of the day.

I have a white singlet burnt into my back. Stupid, stupid me for drowning Marlee in sunscreen and forgetting to put any on myself. Lets hope by sunburn continues to turn brown and does not peel.

I had a lovely weekend staying at Haven with the whole family. Roast dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Lydia’s 14th birthday this coming Tuesday. Gluttony, laughs, spills and fejoa wine – definitely a Judson meal.

Roasted chicken breast stuffed with Camembert and sun-dried tomatoes and risotto is for dinner, I swear I am a culinary god… Unless I am cooking stirfry, then I am a culinary nightmare.For everything else I am just a plain, old fashioned awesome chef – Thanks Dad!

I continue with my studio work tomorrow. Liz and I will be photographing Dad. We have four hours of studio time and 16 shots to get between us. Best go well!


This weeks favorite things about Summer.

Summer is awesome!

Drinking Heineken in the paddling pool on Sunday was a great way to cool down. No splashing though. Strict rules on that – Alex. Note, THAT rule was nullified as soon as he left the pool, giving me a face full of water in the process.

The morning walk from the bus to school is great at the tail end of the Kingsland rush-hour. People are rushing to work, swearing at the traffic, while old men sit outside Roasted Addiction, reading the paper, espresso on table and the old faithful ‘bitzer’ at their feet.

Monday night Masala with the girls. Wine, great Indian cuisine, lots of talk and laughter and one special birthday girl, Aimee Simpson. Getting dressed up during Summer is so much more fun than during winter. Plus – heels have less chance of slipping on a dry pavement!

Tanning in the sun this afternoon with a good book. I have colour! Jonathan Kelllerman – this is one I don’t want to put down.

The rain. I can smell it hitting the hot concrete right now. It is bringing a nice cool to the end of the day.

On a totally different note. Christchurch. I have spent the afternoon watching you on TV3. You are in my thoughts. RIP to all who passed away in this quake.


I have just realized how much exercise motivates me in all other areas of my life. After spending a very lazy, self indulgent day in bed, I dragged myself up and power walked up Mt A. Not a long walk but I was sheeny and slightly out of breath on the way back down. After sausage rolls for lunch I think I will need to have a salad of some sort to help convince my backside that the walk was a sign of things to come. ‘Goal’ pants – I am on my way!

I have posted my doco assignment on my other blog ‘Through the Looking Glass’. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

Two shakes of a lambs tail.

Photo taken at Marlee’s second birthday party.

This time two years ago I was in labor. I was in agony, I was scared and I wanted to murder her father for contributing to the reason I was in so much pain. I had never met her. I had felt her move, seen a grainy picture of her shape and I was spending hours awake at night worrying about caring for a newborn.

This time last year I was getting ready for Marlee’s first birthday. She could barely shuffle along the floor on her backside. She only said the words ‘Nana’ and ‘Dadda’. I was spending hours awake at night worrying about caring for a toddler.

Now is the eve of her second birthday. She is walking, talking, acting up, being an angel, singing, dancing and trying out full sentences. She is baking with me, running, playing ‘lady’ in my high heels, having tea parties and voicing her opinion. I am still spending time awake thinking about the terrible twos, what school she will go to, first kiss, learning to drive, hating me because she is a teen, hating me because I am not cool, hating me because I cant do ‘mum’ right. But no longer worrying. Que sera sera, I am doing my best and that is what counts. She has love, comfort and health. She knows this and I know she knows this because last night as she was going to bed, she said ‘Love you Mummy’ unprompted for the first time.

She is showing me just how quickly life moves along and how necessary it is to keep up. How important it is to stay on top of things, and how unnecessary the house work really is when the sun is shining outside and the water in the paddling pool is beckoning.

Blink and I miss it. ‘Told you so.’


5 things.

5 things I am grateful for.

  1. Running shoes. Time to get fit!
  2. Feeding the birds at Western Springs. Marlee has learnt how to feed the birds without getting eaten alive. A few close shaves with the geese though!
  3. Risotto and Curry. Super, mega, ultra, awesome ‘chef’-ing going on here!
  4. Sunshine.
  5. Paddling pools. To make #4 bearable.


Marlee has learnt that ‘timeout’ is for when someone misbehaves. She has had Alex and I in timeout for the slightest mishap. Whilst being fun for her it gets funny for us, I told her ‘No’ to going into timeout because I hadn’t done anything wrong, and besides “Marlee, I am watching TV’. She responds by turning the TV off and resuming her timeout mission. Funny child.