I’m back!

Wow, it is 2011 already. What a lot can change in a year! I hope this year is as productive as the last.

Marlee is back with me after a week at the beach with her daddy. She came home looking very brown and summery. I caught a succession of trains and buses to Pukekohe yesterday to collect her, leaving home (Mt Albert) at 8:30am and finally arriving in Pukekohe at 1pm. What a mission! Marlee was very pleased to see me however, which made up for all my public transport frustrations. We then spent an hour and a half in the spa with Lydia, had breath holding competitions, water fights with the water guns and got the giggles multiple times. When we got out we opened Marlee’s tea set (thanks Grandma!) and had a tea party.

After that it was home time with Alex for butter chicken, tikka masala and lots of water (spicy!).  I then managed to get a full nights sleep for the first time in nearly a fortnight. Finally!

What started off as a pretty crappy Monday ended well. Let’s hope the next 49 or so Mondays left of this year can follow suit…





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