I see you.

Marlee’s Life Lessons # 15,297

Marlee came up to me today and looked me right in the eye, her face barely two inches away, and she said ‘I see you.’

I have NO idea where she learnt it from, or for what reason she did it. And I don’t really care. It was humbling.

She is teaching me new things every day. Yesterday’s lesson was about simple gratitude. I re-learnt how much fun stairs can be to run up and down, and how awesome a simple rope-and-plank swing in a tree is.

Yesterday, while walking up Mount Albert with her, I had this flashback to the missions Dad used to take us on. Hamilton Gardens, Parana Park, the Waikato River, Te Aroha Geysers, the list goes on.

My favorite of these memories this… Randomly (well to us children anyways) we would just up and go for ‘Random Day Trips’. The van would be loaded with anything we might need, kids, togs, towels, lunch, drinks, warm clothing, dogs etc, and we would follow our noses. Some days we would stop at the old yellow building that housed the gem museum in Thames. We could browse forever, looking at the different gems and reading about rocks that split to reveal exquisite purple crystals. Other days we would look for quartz  on a cold, windy  beach next to a long deserted goldmine. This quartz seemed like diamonds at my age and though I was told to be picky with what I took home, it all seemed to good to leave behind. Most often we would end up at the Te Aroha pools, finishing with a greatly anticipated feast of fish and chips at the playground in Gordington.

Mum and Dad, I don’t know if I ever thanked you for those trips but I would like to express my gratitude now. I truly hope Marlee gets to experience similar things and that she lets me help her to create her own special memories.


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