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Tan lines, clowns, sunburn, fairies, balloons, Bob the Builder, iced coffees, Burger King, elves, ice creams, and Santa.

This sums up yesterday. Auckland Farmers Santa Parade 2010. What a great day.

I love knowing that I am helping to create new experiences for Marlee. I remember going to the parades when I was younger and it was one of my favorite Christmas memories (next to stockings).

Marlee was so good. We arrived nearly two hours before the parade was due to start (oops), scored a front row position, had Burger King and iceblocks for lunch and waited in the sun.

“She kept pointing at different icecreams, so I got one of each.” – Brad.

The Parade went on for at least an hour and a half. We retreated from the sun after about an hour and sat in Starbucks until it was over.

After party at Aotea Square with Bob and Builder, Cinderella puppet window display at Smith & Coughey’s, Dunkin’ Doughnuts galore, a giant pink zebra balloon and a wander down Queen St finished off the parade experience.



Thanks kiddo. It would be a very sad and shitty week if you weren’t here.

My favorite things today.

  1. Marlee.
  2. Words.
  3. Cuddles.
  4. Family.
  5. Photos.
  6. Lasagna.
  7. Giggles.
  8. Friends.


I will always love you
Even when I seem full of hate
And I roll my eyes
(Even when I don’t
Realise I’m doing it)

I will always love you
Even when my mouth turns down
Like a half moon on an angle
(You still won’t believe
That it’s an artistic pout)

I will always love you
Even when my halo slips
And starts to choke me
(I don’t care what you say,
Halos are overrated anyways)

I will always love you
Even when my “Body language”
Is rebellious and my looks could kill
(It is how I’m most comfortable standing
But you don’t seem to feel that’s true)


Beth Judson 04

Just finished reading ‘the time travellers wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger for the 5-6th time. My head is now spinning with words, poetry, music, and romance.

Reading and cooking have been my procrastination strategy of choice today. This latest assignment is not something I want to do. Any ideas I have are boring, anything I try fails miserably. Ugh.

One of three – Sheets.

Found these in my sort out today. Feedback? Assignment series idea that wasn’t followed through.

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Two of three – Sheets.

Three of three – Sheets