Has anyone seen my mojo?

I have lost it. I was not pleased with the last assignment, and this is truly affecting my picture making skills for this one.

Documentary photographers usually live out of suitcases, overseas and do not have families. This puts that idea on the back burner for a while.

I am thinking that after I graduate I might want to do my own projects and maybe have self funded exhibitions etc. For a while.  I think. Maybe..

Travel is still a definite and I will do this regardless of how my photo career is going.

I will put this post down to a bad few weeks and laugh about it tomorrow.




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I am a daughter, mother, friend, reader, blogger, and photographer, who loves sharing good wine, talk and food. Cultures, both my own and others, are of huge interest to me. People, words, history, art, traditions and food, I want to absorb it all. View all posts by Yaahooserious

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